Meet the Team

Shawn V. Poole is the founder and creator of Xpicor, Inc. His background is in Sales. His dream was to create a business where he could not only deliver a product or service but deliver it with an image of high customers service. He believes that there are 2 foundations to a strong and profitable business, Customers and Employees. "Bottom line thinking does not make a company survive or profitable". The 2 most important aspects to a business are its Customers and its Employees, without customers you could not have employees and without employees you could not have customers.

Shawna A. Poole is the co-founder of Xpicor, Inc. Her background is in education and sign language interpreting. Shawna was the cornerstone to the creation of this firm, without her Xpicor, Inc. would not be in existence. Besides working in the business, her real passion is being a mother.

205 S. Westgate Dr., Greensboro, NC 27407 | Ph: 336-510-0333 Fax: 336-458-9642 Toll Free: 877XPICOR1 (974-2671)